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Flying the Friendly Skies

ok, so i'm doing a new reality tv show (for my sins) Some may think being an air hostess is full of international glamour, intrigue, and shagging fellow cabin crew in 5 star hotels while on stop overs. I can confirm that so far, Celeb Air has consisted of 6 weeks training in a portakabin in Luton, followed by residency in an air hostess prison camp adjacent to Gatwick Airport. OK, our uniforms are kind of retro (though not retro enough for me) and my fellow Celeb Air contestants are great for the most part. But somehow flying back and forth from Tenerife at 35,000 feet in high heels from Shoe Tailor and flogging Celeb Air toilet water isn't *quite* what I expected. Don't get me wrong, this is certainly a brilliant opportunity- as a chubbster I thought i'd NEVER be able to become a trolly dolly! But I really do have mega respect for all cabin crew now, knowing what rigorous training and difficult working circumstances they have to put up with, whether they're with Ryanair or BA. I'm just glad I've survived another elimination round this weekend, and will live to fly another week.....


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